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(6-10) KW Single Phase Inverter

(6-10) KW Single Phase Inverter

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6-10KW US version single phase string inverters have up to 4 MPPTs with 30K Hz switching frequency and ultra-high efficiency which are perfect for residential rooftop systems with different roof orientations. Multiple communication methods greatly ensure the freedom of monitoring. Built-in MLRSD transmitter guarantees the safety of relevant personnel and regulation compliance. The built-in class 0.5 revenue grade meter can guarantee an accurate data recording without losing benefits from the sun.

6-10kW 4G Single Phase Inverter

Leading Features


  • Industry-leading 3 and 4 MPPT designs
  • Integrated Arc Fault Circuit Interrupt (AFCI)
  • 97.8% peak efficiency (97.5% CEC efficiency)
  • 10 Year Standard Warranty with extension options
  • CA Rule 21 Phase I and II compliant (ready for Phase III) and UL 1741 (SA) certified
  • Optional Built-in Revenue Grade Meter, ANSI C12.20-2010 compliance
  • Sunspec communication protocol with optional Cellular and Wi-Fi interface
  • Built-in Sunspec Certified Module Level Rapid Shutdown Transmitter

Technical Specifications

DC Values

  • Max. DC input power (watts):
  • Max. DC input voltage (volts):
  • Rated Voltage (volts):
  • Startup voltage (volts):
  • Operating MPPT voltage range (volts):
  • Max. usable input current per MPPT (amps):
  • Max. short circuit input current (amps):
  • Number of MPPTs: 3
  • Max. input strings : 3


  • Peak efficiency: 97.8%
  • CEC weighted efficiency: 97.5%
  • MPPT efficiency: >99.5%


  • DC reverse-polarity protection: Yes
  • AC short circuit protection: Yes
  • AC output overcurrent protection: Yes
  • Output overvoltage protection-Varistor: Yes
  • Ground fault monitoring: Yes
  • Grid monitoring: Yes
  • Islanding protection: Yes
  • Integrated AFCI(DC arc-fault circuit protection):
  • Integrated DC switch: Yes
  • Rapid shutdown:
    Yes, Sunspec Certified Built-in Transmitter
  • Compliant MLRSD Products:
    Solis-MLRSD-R(1-2)-1G, APSmart RSD-S-PLC

AC Values

  • Nominal and max. output power 240V grid (watts):
  • Nominal and max. output power 208V grid (watts):
  • Nominal grid voltage (volts):
  • Operating phase:
    Single Phase
  • Max. output current for 240V grid (amps):
  • Max. output current for 208V grid (amps):
  • Output power Factor:
  • Output power factor range:
    0.8leading … 0.8lagging
  • Grid current THD:
  • Nominal grid frequency (hertz):


  • RGM:
  • Communication protocol:
    Modbus RTU (Sunspec compliant)
  • Communication:
    Optional cellular and Wi-Fi
  • Connections:
    2 knockout for 1″conduit at bottom, 4 knockout for3/4″conduit at side and back
  • Display:
    LCD,2×20 Z.
  • Warranty:
    10 Years standard (extendable to 20 years)

General Data

  • Dimensions (w*h*d):
    13.5*28.8*9.8in (342*732*249mm)
  • Weight:
    45.2lb (20.5kgs)
  • Topology:
  • Internal consumption:
    <1W (night)
  • Ambient operating temperature range:
    -13°F to 140°F (-25°C to 60°)
  • Storage Environment:
    -13℉ to 176℉ (-25℃ to 80℃)
  • Enclosure type:
    NEMA 4X
  • Noise emission {typical}:
    <30 dBA
  • Cooling concept:
    Natural convection
  • Max operating altitude without derating:
    13120ft (4000m)
  • Designed lifetime:
  • Operating surroundings humidity:
    0~100% Condensing

2.5KW-6KW US version single phase string inverters have dual MPPTs with over 98% overall efficiency which can be utilized in complex design environment. -in MLRSD transimitter can provide fast disconnection in less than 30s during emergency which fully complies with NEC2017-690.12. Class 0.5 revenue grade meter can guarantee an accurate data recording without losing benefits from the sun