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Our Impact

Our Impact


Improving Energy Access

NIKKOU Group’s investment mandate is to develop projects which will have a positive effect on the livelihoods of those living in energy-scarce countries. NIKKOU Group’s team brings an immense history of experience in energy and development, which allows it to take on projects that may not be otherwise commercially viable. NIKKOU Group’s development pipeline is on track to bring hundreds of megawatts of additional capacity to the grids of several developing countries. This will ultimately provide the foundation of energy infrastructure necessary to spark further social and economic development.

Reducing Greenhouse. Gas Emissions

One of the core tenets of NIKKOU Group’s mission is sustainability. NIKKOU Group believes that each of its projects should be designed to contribute to a more positive outlook for the global environment. By investing in renewable energy projects in developing countries, NIKKOU Group allows these countries to bypass many of the industrial processes that are harmful to the environment. The Nationally Determined Contributions set following the Paris Climate Conference are both ambitious and important to the future of our planet. NIKKOU Group is committed to playing its part in investing in a greener, more sustainable future for energy.

Creating Jobs

Economic development remains one of the greatest challenges of this century. Well-paid employment is crucial to improving the livelihoods of those now living in poverty. With each project, NIKKOU Group gives hundreds of individuals employment opportunities to help complete project development. With these newfound opportunities, communities can begin to fulfil previously unfeasible activities, including healthcare, education and household electricity. Furthermore, NIKKOU Group is committed to empowering women in the development process. We focus on providing women living in project-affected communities with employment opportunities and resources to enhance their social capital. By adding sustainable energy to the national grid, NIKKOU Group also has a wider impact on the economic potential of each developing country it invests in. Energy remains foundational to building a stable environment where economic activity can flourish.