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Keep Calm And Go Solar.

solar inverter or PV inverter, is a type of electrical converter which converts the variable direct current (DC) output of a photovoltaic (PV) solar panel

decreases the greenhouse

reliable source of energy.

empower small businesses by reducing their energy needs & requirements.

save money by reducing electricity bills

Maintenance is easy

Easy to set up & more reasonable

Hybrid Inverter

NIKKOU Off-Grid series single phase PCU are designed to meet the growing electricity demand of all developing countries. State of art design and intelligent control optimizes the yield of all small to medium level PV power plants.
It consists of MPPT based solar charge controller and bi-directional inverter with transformer on the AC side. It provides uninterrupted power at the load output using solar, battery and grid input is same order of priority. Latest DSP based control ensures excellent performance and protection from any kind of malfunction. The high conversion efficiency helps in longer battery backup. Ease of operation and plug and use type of design makes it the ideal product for all kind of users

String Inverter

The String PV inverters of NIKKOU provide a wide range of offerings from 3 kW to 6125 kW. With the maximum efficiency of over 99%, String PV Inverters fully meets all types of PV modules and grid connection requirements. The product has been installed for over 1.8 GW installed worldwide as of June 2018 more than 14 countries.
High conversion efficiency, safe and reliable performance enable string inverters to fulfill the requirements of different applications of both indoor and outdoor installations. They are widely used in small and medium-sized PV systems, including for residential, commercial rooftops, and distributed plants.

Grid Tied Inverter

Nikkou Power Grid Tied Inverters are powerful inverters that converts direct current (DC) electricity into alternating current (AC), It is also called On grid system which works without battery.The Main purpose of Grid tied inverter is to supply power from Mains supply to home/offices and feed the Generation of solar Power to Mains supply

Grid Tie Inverters are designed to quickly disconnect from the grid if the utility grid goes down. It ensures that in the event of a blackout, the grid tie inverter will shutdown to prevent the energy it transfers from harming any line workers who are sent to fix the power grid.


Key Features

  • On Gird/ Gird Tied inverter for Saving electricity bill by selling access generation of Solar Power to Power distribution Company through Net metering system.