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Who We Are

Who We Are

Who We Are

Our mission is to accelerate social, economic and environmental sustainability in growing markets through the development of renewable energy.

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Nikkou Group is an independent power producer (IPP) dedicated to accelerating social, economic and environmental sustainability in growing markets through the development, construction and operation of renewable energy facilities

Large solar panels in the rainforest. Alternative solar energy. Solar powered satellite dish. photovoltaic battery in the forest among the palm trees

We establish long-term partnerships with local communities, governments and financial institutions to build and operate clean energy projects in markets where economies are growing rapidly and electricity is currently scarce, but sun and wind are abundant.

What Are We Doing

Why Choose Us

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Our Company mission is to make Solar Energy more affordable with our commitment to make India “GO GREEN” and improving millions of lives with clean and green energy solutions.


Our Company vision is be one of the leading manufacturer of Solar PV Modules,Solar Lights and other Solar Products and to make the brand of “IB Solar” synonymous with the most reliable source of Solar Energy provider for all .


The core values of our Organization(Comapny) are those values that underlie our work & strategies we employ to fulfill our vision & mission.

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Nikkou Group is uniquely positioned to lead the world’s renewable energy transformation. We are energy experts – members of our team have built and operated gigawatts of renewable energy projects around the globe. As engineers, lawyers, accountants and financiers, we are able to manage the risk and complexity of financing and owning infrastructure projects, all the while ensuring an unwavering dedication to the highest ethical, social and environmental standards. Our experience and agility in deployment allow us to help shape the future of renewable energy in growing markets

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